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07/04/18: Furniture, Whisky, Porcelain, Militaria & Coins

SALEROOM 1:      Sale of Fine 19th & 20th Century Furnishings and Interiors Including Wardrobes, Chests, Bookcases, Dining Tables, Sets of Dining Chairs, Occasional Furniture.

SALEROOM 2:       Sale of Whisky, Fine Wine, Port, Champagne etc.

Approx. 12:00: Catalogue Sale of 19th & 20th Century Porcelain, Glass, Art, Pottery etc.

SALEROOM 3:      Catalogue Sale of Marine, Militaria, Ethnic Art, Edged & Armed Weapons. Including Sporting Guns, Muskets, Pistols, Carbines, Clubs, Shields, Boomerangs, Statues and Tribal Art.

SALEROOM 4:      Collectors Sale of Coins, Stamps, Postcards, Cameras, etc.

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